College Admissions: Service Process 

In-depth communication to explore needs

  • Questionnaires for parents and students to understand the student's specific needs and characteristics (including personality, interests, goals, etc.)

  • Multiple in-depth meetings to brainstorm and analyze the student's situation, dig deeper into the needs of the student and family, and develop a plan for college admissions.

Academic planning and guidance

  • Develop specific study plans for each stage of school, including course selection and efficient study methods, helping students maximize their school time and improving their GPA (academic performance).

  • Track progress and grades at school to identify potential problems and provide solutions in a timely manner. 

  • Provide timely response to questions, personal guidance on homework, essay editing services, and other services on a weekly basis  

  • Develop plans for standardized tests (SAT, TOEFL) and pre-college course exams (AP). 

Planning and implementation of extracurricular activities

  • Analyze a student's specific situation and develop a full range of extracurricular activities (research, arts, sports, volunteering, internships, competitions, etc.)

  • Provide guidance on the selection of and the application for appropriate summer programs (summer camps, summer schools, etc.)  

  • Provide enrichment courses throughout to develop students' overall skills, such as critical writing, humanities, economics, public speaking, math, computers, data analysis, and robotics.

  • Provide 1 on 1 summer research projects in various fields to improve students' research skills and produce project results.  

Comprehensive assessment and customized school selection

  • Based on the information collected in the early stages, we conduct a comprehensive analysis to evaluate students (ability, personality, interest, background, etc.).  

  • Based on the assessment report, combined with data-informed intelligent analysis and the team's experience, we tailor the plan for school selection.

Application Coaching

  • Based on the brainstorming result and assessment report, the team works with students to design an individualized application plan.  

  • Help students with online applications.

  • Provide tutoring sessions on essay writing: Chinese and American tutors work together to guide students through the essay writing process for each school. 

  • Provide guidance on obtaining effective letters of recommendation. 

  • Track the application process for all schools, communicate with schools about issues in a timely manner, ensure that documents are not missing and information is accurate, and that applications are submitted on time, etc.

  • Share tips for getting off the waitlist, improving the chance of admission.  

  • Provide Interview coaching and preparation  

  • Help students decide on the offer and confirm their admissions.

Pre-departure guidance 

  • Assist with visa application and document preparation 

  • Provide guidance on academic and social life to help students get ready for college  

Guidance on university life

  • Provide guidance on course registration, class selection, dormitory selection, paying tuition, etc.

  • Help students to make a smooth transition to university life and study.

  • Provide guidance on internship and career.