Doing research projects is a great way to demonstrate a student’s academic capability. At Minton, students are provided with a wide spectrum of research opportunities to pursue an in-depth inquiry into the subjects they are passionate about. 

From Film Studies to Astrophysics, just tell us what you are truly interested in. Then we will find the right mentor, professional scholars with a strong academic background in related fields, to guide you through the entire process from finding the right topic to writing and publishing your own paper. 

Typically, students take part in our research projects in Grade 10 during the summer. Before the end of the academic year, we hold meetings with our students to help them decide on which research project to take. After students decide on a project, we match them with a mentor that suits their academic needs. Then, the mentor will work one-on-one with the student until he/she finishes the project and publishes his/her findings.