Admission Results: 2021-2022

Schools in the US 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(2 Students)

Yale University (1 Student

Columbia University (3 Students

Stanford University(1 Student

The University of Chicago(1 Student

University of Pennsylvania(6 Students

Northwestern University (5 StudentsDuke University(6 Students

Amherst College(1 Student

Johns Hopkins University(8 Students

Cornell University(2 Students

Dartmouth (1 Student) 

Brown (1 Student)  

Williams College(2 Students)

Swarthmore College(1 Student

Wellesley College(2 Students

Claremont Mckenna College (1 Student

Vanderbilt University (9 Students

Washington University St Louis (8 Students

Rice University(3 Students

University of California Los Angeles(10 Students

Emory University(7 Students

University of California Berkeley(15 Students

Georgetown University(1 Student

Carnegie Mellon University(7 Students,2 in Schools of CS)

University of Michigan(16 Students

University of Southern California (10 Students,2 in scholarship program)

University of Virginia(11 Students

Tufts Unversity(1 Student

New York University (13 Students with 2 in Stern Business School) 

Wake Forest University(2 Students

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill(7 Students

University of California Santa Barbara(9 Students

Georgia Institute of Technology(9 Students

Harvey Mudd College(1 Student

Schools in the UK

University of Cambridge(2 Students

Imperial College London(1 Student

University College London(2 Students